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Missix Armchair: Minoan Spirals Furniture Designs

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The Missix Armchair is an intriguing piece of spiral shaped furniture and an excellent supplement to your neoteric interior design. If you are a fan of the contemporary design ideas, that must be a perfect choice for as residential and offices areas.

Missix armchairs minoan spirals furniture designs

Mystic Armchairs from Italia

These -6- shaped chairs were announced just recently and already are becoming known in a sphere of interior designs. Missix Armchair is created by Di Marzio Design from rotational molded polythene, and it is absolutely eco-friendly and can be recycled. The unique shape of these chairs was inspired by Minoan spirals from Santino, which adds up some ancient mysticism to your living environment.

Yet, it is very minimalistic in nature and suits mostly modern style interior. But as have been mentioned earlier this very progressive design can be used as interior element either in living rooms or home offices, or outdoors, in a back yard.

The unique title comes from a “six” shaped form of the armchair. The Missix armchairs comes in many different colors, adding individuality to the lot. The armchairs are easy to move around and clean, thus making it a desirable piece of furniture for all who hunt after modern and yet exotic furniture.

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