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Multipurpose Coat Check Chair

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Although Coat Check Chair is a piece of furniture it can help you organize things without scattering them across the room. Know how. Joey Zeledón is an industrial designer who likes humanizing technology and create functional things. Coat Check Chair is one of those things. A multipurpose chair made of bent steel rod and removable hangers of various colors which allow you to organize your clothes wherever you need to.

Multipurpose Coat Check Chair

Coat Check Chair a great solutions for preventing mess and piles of scattered clothes that hangs from chairs and other pieces of furniture. The moment you want to take off your coat or jacket and hang it properly you can remove one or two hangers from the Coat Check Chair and hang them into your wardrobe.

Coat Check Chair obviously can also be used as a chair and it’s great because of its multipurpose nature. It’s not only handy but it also encourages you to store your clothes properly. And what is the best place to hang your coats, jackets and shirts so that they were always ready-to-wear? Wardrobe, of course.

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