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Zaha Hadid’s Liquid Glacial Table

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Are you fond of all natural furniture designs? Especially ice themed interior designs? Zaha Hadid is introducing all new table design, reminiscent of arctic glacier. This acrylic see through masterpiece is bringing freshness and style into your interior design.

Glacial Table by Zaha Hadid

Ice Tabletop Masterpiece

Zaha Hadid is famous for her Guangzhou Opera House, is now introducing forms of ice transforming into liquid. Her recent creation a translucent ice table is certainly a work of art. It looks stunning in any surrounding with its frozen water replica in motion. This model was recently displayed at the David Gill showroom in London Mayfair neighborhood. It was shown along with other Zaha Hadid design ideas, the Dune collection.

The table itself is not very big, a complete see through. It looks very fragile, as water frozen in a process of melting, but of course acrylic can’t be easily broken. The legs of the table feature ripples that end halfway, the rest of the leg looks like little column that support upside down lake. Of course, all of it in miniature. It looks gorgeous and of course would mostly compliment any luxurious modern interior design.

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