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How To Give Traditional Furniture Modern Makeover

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Dransfield & Ross definitely know how to give a traditional furniture piece a modern makeover. Taking traditionally shaped ornate chairs Dransfield & Ross put a modern emphasis on upholstery adding color and playfulness as well as a nice contrast to the char design. These series of Louis XV upholstered ribbon chairs are beautiful classic frame pieces with a twist that comes in bright colorful upholstery.

How To Give Traditional Furniture Modern Makeover

Louis XV upholstered ribbon chairs come in beautiful elegant frames with striped colorful or monochrome upholstery that add a modern element to them. Re-upholstering the traditional furniture in unexpected patterns and colors is a great way to give traditional furniture a modern appeal.

Furniture makeover can be a great start of home or a room remodeling however it is important to have a clear idea and a whole picture of the decor you want to create. In this case turn to interior design basics – plan your budget, choose style or styles, and a color scheme. A design kit with color samples and prices will help keep everything together and build the whole picture of the future design. Careful planning can save both time and money.

Makeover is also a great way of preserving and recycling the old furniture while giving its traditional style an edge or a modern touch. Once its received the makeover choose the color scheme for the room and start decorating around it adding contrasts in colors, shapes and colors, accessories and accents.

For more information on Louis XV upholstered ribbon chairs visit Drainsfield & Ross.

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