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Interior in Bentley Style

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Car brands are gradually taking over the world of design. A legendary automobile company Bentley signed a partnership with a manufacturer of luxury furniture Club House Italia and the architect Carlo Columbo to create its own collection – Bentley Home Collection.

Bentley Home Collection

Bentley Home Collection, furniture collection by Bentley and Club House Italia

“Bentley Home Collection”, furniture collection by Bentley and Club House Italia

Bentley’s Marketing Director Stefan Buescher says:

For more than 90 years Bentley creates the world’s best car handmade interiors. Now we make our approach to luxury affordable for homes and offices.”

Club House Italia furnishes best apartments, meeting rooms, hotels, yachts and private jets. The new collection will reflect the elegant, prestigious and recognizable style of Bentley in creating a range of furniture that combines high attention to detail and aesthetics.

The Bentley’s furniture collection is made in minimalist style and reflects the characteristic features of Bentley: excellent quality and attention to detail. The main materials are textile, wood and leather.

Such collaboration is not new for Bentley. Last year the company opened its own themed suite at St. Regis in New York. The room of 1689 sq. ft. costs $9500 per night. And in addition to luxury apartments a guest gets the opportunity to ride a sedan Mulsanne.

An exclusive collection of handmade furniture echoes Bentley vehicles, which are revered around the world as a model of English elegance and style. Who knows, maybe after a few decades, furniture by Bentley will become as popular as their cars.

Alberto Vignatelli, CEO of Club House Italia, commented:

The collaboration with Bentley is the perfect union of high style, fine attention to details and all sorts of know-how in the interior. This collection reflects the complex and exclusive lifestyle. It will be highly appreciated by the most demanding customers who love luxury and sophistication.”

The entire collection will be presented in January 2014 at the International Exhibition “Maison et Object” in Paris.

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