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Log Chop Bench by The Practice of Everyday Design

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The Practice of Everyday Design is a young, Canada-based studio that has two members: David Long and Antoine Morris. They have been participating in art projects for the exhibitions. In their style there are a lot of graphic elements and the necessary part – conceptual framework.

Interesting Furniture by Canadian Designers

Log Chop Bench by The Practice of Everyday Design

Log Chop Bench by David Long and Antoine Morris

This bench would perfectly fit in a reception. Those who are waiting for an appointment would be glad to wait sitting on these interesting and comfortable seats. Unequal heights and directions of seats can help visitors feel comfortable without having those awkward waiting-room-conversations that are probably familiar to anyone.

Seats are made of hand-sewn upholstery by a motorcycle saddle maker. This can give you a few minutes to imagine yourself as the Harley Davidson rider. If you sit another couple of minutes on this aggressive red saddle, you may start believing that you were actually born on a motorcycle.

Interesting fact is that Log Chop Bench was made in process-based design. Creators had a series of parameters but no final drawings or image. They picked up the log from the tree that was going to die in Toronto, took it to the working site and hired a professional Lumberjill. As the designers said: “Given little instruction and a few hours, the Lumberjill interpreted their concept and made it real, going wild on the log with her axe at competition speed, shaving off the bark and hacking out the three spots where the seats would be inserted”.

Mix of the texture made with the chaotic beats of axe and scrupulously hand-sewn presenting a harmonic connection of strength and minuteness. “The project was a fluid evolution from an abstract idea into a physical sculpture that represents a dialogue between the designers and their collaborators”, – said David and Antoine.

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