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Goggle Desk for Uncluttered Office

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Goggle Desk by Danny Venlet is a glamorous spacious office desk that stands out from other office furniture with its stylish unusual design. The Goggle Desk is large and comes in matte and lacquer finishes as well as with or no drawers for storing papers and files. Its rounded shape is quiet unusual which sets it apart from other office furniture.

Goggle Desk for Uncluttered Office

A Belgian designer describes his work as inspired by Australian spirit of free will meaning his designs are playful, laid back and open. Playing with forms, shapes and rules Venlet creates office chairs, showers, interiors and many other. His approach to design and form truly pays off with amazing and unique designs.

Goggle Desk for Uncluttered Office

Danny Venlet’s Q Stool is a great outdoor decoration for swimming pool. It’s not only beautiful and stylish but it’s also functional and can become a part of a nice lounge area by the swimming pool.

Goggle Desk for Uncluttered Office

Another outstanding piece is called Lylo that looks like a big round couch with cozy pillows piled on its top. Also a great outdoor piece that will make the rest in the fresh air ever so comfortable. Among Venlet’s other works is an outdoor shower for patio and garden with anti-slip surface that brings the water from the bottom of a disk on which one should step to activate the shower.

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