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Tectonic Furniture by Janina Loeve

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Inspired by tectonic movements that shape the landscape forms Netherland designer Janina Loeve has created a furniture series called Tettonica. The series include a stool and a table. Both created from a minimal amount of wood in layers that give them beautiful structural form.

Tectonic Furniture by Janina Loeve

Both table and stool feature interesting forms and are hollow, which prompts storage, at least in stool. The table features a glass tabletop which allows enjoying its structural design while the stool is covered with bright wool felt cushion (customizable). The furniture has a hardwax finish so it’s watertight.

Such interesting furniture shapes and lines bring in the structural detail to the design. Both stool and table feature pyramid-like layered silhouettes that would definitely stand out amongst the straight lines of regular furniture.

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  1. Interior Design Consultant Says:

    This chair and table really unique and very classy.

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