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Multifunctional Pet-Friendly Furniture

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Through your pet(s) might consider all furniture in the house as pet-friendly, there are pieces that might even be  friendlier. Small-spaced homes can especially benefit from multifunctional pet-friendly as these can be used for your personal needs as well as for your pets.

Pet-Friendly Tables

Multifunctional Pet-Friendly Furniture

This first table was created by American designer Emily Wettstein. The walnut and steel body has a removable planter in the center of the table that can be sewn with special greenery for kitties.

Multifunctional Pet-Friendly Furniture

Another table is by Koichi Futatsumata called The Hammock and made of stainless steel and glass featuring a hammock that can be used as a sleeping place for your pets or for storing some stuff.

Cat Litter Boxes

Multifunctional Pet-Friendly Furniture

Cat litter boxes have come much far from their original appearance. Now you can find specifically designed cat litter boxes in the shape of furniture such as cabinet with an opening for cat to enter. The inside is equipped with a bowl with litter so when the cat enters the cabinet she is entitled to her privacy while you are protected from odors and you can also store your books, plants or other things on the cabinet surface. The litter boxes can also be built into the faux plant vase that will both function as a cat toilet and aesthetic.

Pet Hideaway

Multifunctional Pet-Friendly Furniture

Pet hideaways can also include bed as well as function as a night table where you can put framed pictures, candles and clocks. These can be made of wood, steel and plastic. The designs and sizes vary but hideaways usually feature openings for air flow and the doors.

Multifunctional Pet-Friendly Furniture

Dog Beds

Multifunctional Pet-Friendly Furniture

Some dog beds are not only multifunctional but also space-conscious. Pet Murphy Bed by Midnight Pass is a folding bed for dogs that features a mattress and folds when not in use. You can also use it as for putting photos or accessories on display.

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I am an interior design and fashion enthusiast with a passion for writing, gathering up interesting/alternative home design ideas. I love lofts, canopy beds, fluffy throws and rugs, but also cats, food, and video games.
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3 Responses to “Multifunctional Pet-Friendly Furniture”
  1. Robbix Says:

    I have bookmarked your site for future referrence! Greetings.

  2. missoni shoe Says:

    That’s awesome….
    these really give me idea on how to comfort my pet…Since I’m lacking ways to comfort my lovely dog…

  3. Hannah Says:

    Some of these things I really like.
    But the table with grass I think is absurd.
    My children may not put their feet on the table and neither may my pets! And grass in the table… why would I want that? Cats chew grass if they feel sick. Well if my cat feels sick, he can chew grass outside!

    The coffee table with hammock is really cool.

    I would not put a litter box in a cabinet on which I hang my clean towels as well. That’s kind of gross I think! The cat’s litter box is not in the bathroom or in the living room or the kitchen. It’s in the shed.

    I like the cabinet sleeping places, but some are really small. A dog needs space, not a tiny cabinet. The cabinets are fine for those tiny dogs, but ‘normal’ dogs need more space. Look at the cabinet with mattress: his head sticks out because he does not have enough room.

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