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Allusions on Vienna Chair

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Parisian Pablo Reinoso is a connoisseur of fine furniture. He created his first chair when he was seven years old. Over the years, the passion was not extinguished. In contrast, he educated in the field of architecture, and made ​​ this piece of furniture his real fetish object for collecting and playing in the most outlandish ways.

Designer Allusions on Famous Vienna Chair

Thoneteando installation by Pablo Reinoso

Thoneteando installation by Pablo Reinoso 

Reinoso is literally gets to the bottom in everything. The artist deeply immersed in the world of materials and shapes, making furniture, creating installations, or coming up with the design for perfume packing.

However, it would be a mistake to allocate any one area. He feels equally comfortable in sculpture, photography, architecture and design. The master sees these related, but yet so different areas, as ways of knowing and exploring the world. Statement of the problem, the choice of topics, the material, all this is a kind of “conversation” with the surrounding reality.

Thoneteando installation by Pablo Reinoso

Thoneteando installation by Pablo Reinoso

Thoneteando installation is based on the associations around the chair “Thonet number 14”, this icon of industrial design, manufactured by the famous Austrian factory Thonet in the mid-nineteenth century. Reinoso began working on the collection in 2004, combining there Tibetan mandalas, geometric tendencies in art of the 1970s, and constructivist minimalism.

The designer says that he has always regarded chairs with awe. Generally, “chair” as an object and the concept is always present in his mind. Thonet chairs have a special appeal for him. His sculptures-allusions are a symbiosis of industrial design of the nineteenth century and organic attributes.

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