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Jonah Collection by James Harrison for MADE

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Jonah Collection is retro-inspired furniture series for those nostalgic for good old times designed by talented British designer James Harrison for MADE. Jonah Collection consists of a sofa and an armchair created with the retro feel, looking minimalist, sleek yet fresh. Jonah Collection looks quiet cozy due to rounded lines.

Jonah Collection by James Harrison for MADE

The furniture is upholstered in fabric that is a mix of linen and cotton available in red and gray. Jonah Collection is great for minimalist modern designs with a touch of retro. Jonah sofa and armchairs will definitely suit an industrial loft as well. Shabby chic decor will also withstand Jonah Collection, so no matter its retro origin this furniture will fit many decorating styles.

Designer James Harrison has an Elle Décor Young Designer of the Year 2007 award and boasts an extensive range of products and truly British brand James UK, meaning all the products are handmade in Britain by the team of experts using modern technology and experience to ensure quality.

Jonah Collection turned out great, it’s like it wasn’t made in the present but rather came from the historical exhibition. The Jonah sofa is available in 3 seater and 2 seater sizes for £599 and £499  respectively. While the Jonah armchair is £375. The high street prices for the collection pieces are: 3 seater Jonah sofa for £1,699, 2 seater sofa for £1,499, and am armchair for £699.

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  1. Emile Says:

    Hi there,

    I’m thinking of buying the Jonah 3 seater online, but am a bit apprehensive about not being able to sit in it first. How is it re. comfortability?

    Soft/hardness? Any extra info would be great!

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