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Unique & Creative Bookshelves

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Just yesterday we were looking at some cool home library designs so today we would like to show you some unique & creative bookshelves for your home. They do not necessarily have to belong in the library or store books. There are many uses for creative shelves but since we are continuing the library theme we’ll focus more on bookcases and shelves.

Unique & Creative Bookshelves

Modern bookshelves can be of any color, shape, and form you could only imagine. From hanging tree-like shelves to curved and crooked cabinets and cases that extend through the walls you are free to choose the ones that will fit your design almost ideally.

But not only colors and shapes changed. The materials the bookshelves are made of now also vary greatly which means you get to play with different textures, from glossy plastic to cold metal. Some bookshelves have convenient benches that will make your reading easier with all the books within the arm’s reach. The functionality of such space-conscious furniture is also immense for small-spaced apartments and homes.

Unique & Creative Bookshelves

Take a look at some really unique and creative bookshelves that will not only serve their purpose but will also jazz up your interior with their interesting designs, colors and shapes.

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