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Playful And Creative Architecture For Institutions And Schools

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These innovative and creative school buildings will make you want to study more, because os it’s amazing and cozy at the same time interior and exterior design. Here’s top 5 playful buildings architecture that teach their students to wonder and fantasize.

Top 5 Innovative And Playful Buildings For Universities And Schools

Emerson College, Los Angeles

Designed by Morphosis Arcitects company, Emerson College opened its doors only 2 years after the construction has began. It is located in the heart of Hollywood and provides students with instructional facilities, housing and administrative offices in one location. Emerson College offers the best professional study programs, lectures and workshops.

The facility features awesome innovative amenities, giving students the opportunity to pursue their creativity. The 10-store structure is able to provide housing for up to 217 students, has live-performance space, open-air screening and wired classrooms on each floor. Pretty neat, huh.

The Penleigh And Essendon Junior Boys School, Melbourne

Australian architects from Mcbride Charles Ryan company recently have finished an additional building for junior boys school in Melbourne suburbs. It’s a shining, windowless building. The façade is sharply gabled, but walls and ceiling inside the building are rounded.

The best part of the buildings architecture is that it solves the problem of designing every school – how to provide both natural light and privacy, thanks to vaulting silhouette.

Polytechnic University Campus, Hong Kong

The Innovation Tower in Polytechnic University of  Hong Kong was created by Zaha Hadid and houses University’s school of design. Zaha Hadid says:

The Innovation Tower design dissolves the classic typology of the tower and the podium into a seamless piece. The design unashamedly aims to stimulate a vision of possibilities for the future whilst reflecting the history of the institution.

The Innovation Tower became one of the most notable buildings in Asia in recent years.

La Trobe Institute for Molecular Science, Melbourne

This geometric wonderland also known as La Trobe University was created by Lyon Architects team. It is a molecular science building that resembles a honeycomb and has beautiful colors, amazing design and fantastic outdoor space. A huge amount of interest get the outdoor hexagons. They are very colorful, mostly red and blue, and some of them encircle windows. Positively eye-catching building is just perfect for its specialization – molecular science.

Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, Suzhou

Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University Administration & Information Building is Located in Suzhou Industrial Park and occupies a beautiful environment where rapid economic development and city’s cultural traditions are harmoniously coexisting. The design of the building was inspired by Taihu stone, famous stone that was unearthed in Suzhou city, or as it is called in China – the “scholar stone”. University building is used for the administrative functions and also has areas for student learning and activities.

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