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Zero Gravity: Acrylic Furniture Designs

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If you are fond of contemporary styles, you might certainly enjoy the acrylic furniture, as they introduce translucence and individuality to your interior designs.

In this post we are introducing Alexandra von Furstenberg’s acrylic furniture, a renovating transparence of your daily life.

acrylic furniture by AVF

Translucent Furniture by Alexandra von Furstenberg

Made of plexiglass and relevantly lite this furniture adds some brisk atmosphere to the interior. It gives unusual depth for any interior design, be it modern or traditional one. It comes in many forms and shapes and in many different hues and colors. Her brilliant ideas are exploiting geometric shapes and her passion for diamonds.

As any artist, Alexandra von Furstenberg is creating periodically. Starting in 2007, she launched her first collection, “Fearless”, which featured eight pieces of neon furniture reminiscent of her adored diamonds. Her first collection consisted of different design styles, such as future, fashion, retro and much more. The first collection, despite it different approaches to furniture, is inspiriting and very elegant.

Her second collection had a very distinct black and smokey look to it. It was called “Voltage” and consisted of 9 piece collection, where she introduced the classical and rigorous black&white lines. These are dainty pieces of furniture that are an ultimate must have for anyone up for elegance and simplicity. And lastly, her third collection, “Accents”, features a series of color splashes in vases, trays, bowls and other functional tabletop decor.

Despite different approaches to her art, her collection of acrylic furniture is a hello from the 1970’s, where acrylic furniture was considered to be the future. Nevertheless, AVF collections obtained the desirable look of translucence, elegance and style, bearing resemblance to brilliants and admonishing her fashion background.

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