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CORIAN Just Became Smartphone-Friendly

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Your kitchen countertop can now double as a phone charger. Yes, really. Now you can equip your phone with a small charging ring (in case your phone doesn’t allow for wireless charging) and place it on a countertop to get powered up.

DuPont Make Corian Countertops Phone Chargers

Corian charging surfacea

The way it works has to do with magnetic fields. A surface has a hidden electric coil and the phone receives magentic energy via its own hidden coil or a special charging ring. Which means the countertop will have a charging spot over which the device should be placed in order to get charged. The good news is that you can choose where to install the charging spot.

The company claims their wireless charging rate is around the same as the traditional one unless we’re talking a big tablet. Mid-power charging technology allows for charging of small tablets and phones but the bigger tablets will have a much slower charging rate and you won’t be able to charge your laptop.

What do you think about a wireless charging countertop spot for your kitchen?


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