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Top 7 Brightest Interior Designs

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The bright colors don’t only make your mood brighter but they became a modern interior design trend, bringing rich hues into home interiors and making the rooms appear bigger. Bright interior decorating looks unique and energetic, giving personality to your room decor. From light yellow to magenta, here are 7 brightest interior designs from all over the world.

Bright Colors In Interior Decorating

Apartment In Istanbul

office painted into blue

Designer Serdar Gulgun chose cobalt, ultramarine, white, ocher, and terracotta colors for this room. We can also see some lavender accessories – bedding and pillows, this color looks nice when combined with blue. There a lot of decorations on the wall that complement the design of the room that is supposed to be owner’s office.

Howard Castle In Yorkshire

magenta bedroom

Magenta color was chosen for this room by its designer Rebecca Howard, because it used to be a traditional color for bedrooms in XVIII century, the time when the castle was actually built. The color doesn’t look too frivolous in this room, black and white stripes that were used in decoration add a graphic punch to this classical room.

House In Illinois

pink living room

Pink color is dominating this extravagant living room. Designers Edward Bouchard and Marion Yek have demonstrated how several shades of pink, everything from ruby red to coral and pastel pink would work out together in one room creating a monochromatic look. The living room looks bright and solid.

House In The Suburbs Of Paris

red and white hallway

Modern design that is usually seen in public interiors looks great in this suburban house not far from Paris. Red and white are the main colors in this hallway. There isn’t too much furniture and it matches the chosen colors.

House In Jaipur

green room in house in Jaipur

Designer Liza Bruce and Nicholas Alvis decided to use lime green for the interior of this living room. Bright and airy interior design with white accessories is something гтusual for houses in India.

Apartment In Paris

blue hallway

Small spaces of an apartment like this hallway are usually painted into dark colors, so the person walks through them to lighter spaces of the apartment. Designer James Leland Day did the same here, he chose dark turquoise color for the hallway. It also matches other colorful rooms of the apartment.

Apartment In New York

yellow stairway

Designer Peter Marino chose a cool yellow color for these stairway walls. It contrasts with black and white photos hainging on the wall and makes this part of an apartment seem bigger.

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