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Top 7 Designer Heaters By Jaga

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Add a touch of glamour to your home interior design. These beautiful designer heaters from Jaga will not only keep you warm during cold winter, but will also become a luxury accessorie for your interior decor. Jaga creates the most outrageous, elegant and extrovert heater and radiator designs available anywhere in the world today. They have something to suit every style of an interior design. Jaga creates not only the most exciting and unique heater designs, they also make them environmentally-friendly, heaters use less energy and fewer raw materials. Each piece is a work of art, and I would like to tell you about 7 most beautiful heaters from their collection.

7 Designer Heaters To Add A touch Of Glamour To Your Home



The Heatwave brings beauty and power together. Created by Joris Laarman, Heatwave have received an award for its beautiful Rococo design. A warming piece of art is made of aluminum reinforced by glass fibre and lightweight concrete and comes in 2 colors. It consists of four interconnecting shapes that can be rearranged and extended to form that you prefer. This unique radiator with its intricate design provides a large surface area, so the output is just as impressive as it looks.



Knockonwood is a wooden radiator that brings a powerful heat output to your home or office. The wooden covers come in 9 varieties of wood effects, so there is a lot to choose from. All the connections and valves are hidden in the casing and are adjustable and completely lockable. Knockonwood is not only a high performance heater, it also acts as a stylish feature to the room.



The Moon is a beautiful and unique heater with a stunning design created by Nicoel Partas. It’s 1.96 meter tall and comes in 5 colors to match with any kind of interior design. The Moon heater is made from specially formulated mineral composite and has curved lines to create an out of this world effect. This piece of art will instantly become the main accent in the room and get a lot of attention.



The Vertiga heater can work with low temperature heating systems and has a unique appearance. The casing is made post-harvest Sorghum plant remains that get woven and heat-pressed. That’s what makes each Vertiga heater unique – each casing is recycled and has a different pattern. It comes in three colors. Vertiga works with heat pumps and condensing boilers, it helps the heater to work quicker that many large systems.



The Play heater is perfect for any kind of interior design because it comes in almost limitless range of colour options. Play can be used with heat pumps for a faster work and while Jaga’s Low-H2O heat exchanger system helps you to keep energy bills low. It also features DBE technology for greater power and efficiency. This powerful heater is a great choice for those who prefer simple designs.

Circo Freestanding


Circo Freestanding heater is a breath-taking work of art that provides a comfortable heat. It has a very powerful heating output and is perfect for large open spaces. Circo Freestanding can be fitted in any area of a room as a pillar of warmth. It also features different sizes of sleves and hat rack, making Circo an amazing piece of any interior that is powerful and economical. Comes in 2 colors.



Stylish Geo heater with powerful output is all about sleek lines with elegant curve of polished granite. It is available in Geo Horizontal, Geo Vertical to fit in any type od interior. It is also available in Geo Mosis – a smaller sized heater that was made specifically for bathroom appliances. Beautiful solid curved granite frontispiece comes in 7 colors.


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