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Using Pipes In Home Decor

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Pipes are a great source material for DIY projects. they can be used to create all kinds of things including furniture. Metallic pipes look great adding an industrial chic to the interior.

Using Pipes In Home Decor

Pipe Curtain Rod

To create a curtain rod out of pipe measure its length and complete with two pipe fittings to be able to fix the rod to the wall. Make sure to add rings before finishing the curtain rod with the pipe fittings and when you’re done hang the curtain. Voila! The industrial style curtain rod is ready.

Pipe Shelf

A pipe shelf is more challenging but possible to DIY. You’ll need several cut pipes, pipe fittings, and some fixtures to hang the shelf. The shelf can be arrange in different ways. Just make sure it’s functional and will be able to hold stuff.

Pipe Furniture

Pipes are a great material for building furniture. A set of pipes can make for a table base, a pipe shelf enhance with wooden boards will make for a wall shelving. There are many other uses for pipes in home decor.

Pipes In Home Decor

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