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Rollaway Bed for Two by Daniel Jauslin

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In the beginning Daniel Jaustin didn’t plan to start the production of the bed, but after winning the ID magazine’s furniture design award he changed his mind.  This bed was named Simpledoubledeux and as you might have guessed it is suitable for a single person and for two.

Transformer Bed For Two

Simpledoubledeux by Daniel Jaustin

Simpledoubledeux by Daniel Jaustin

This product was designed as a prototype for the Pigniu House by Drexler Guinand Jauslin Architects. Probably this is not Daniel Jauslin’s first project of this kind because he tried to make it ideal. Besides the fact that it is expanded into two parts, it is also very light. Since it is made of molded plywood, the bed can easily move from place to place.

This furniture is a must-have item for a small bachelor pad, especially rented one. Also it will be very useful for the country house where you meet guests all the time. Guests usually come alone or as a couple. So, this bed will be perfectly fit for them anyway. It could be easily hidden in the closet or wherever you find empty narrow space. If there is only one person who sleeps in this bed, part of the retractable half could be used as a bedside table for books, glasses or a cup of tea.

Daniel Jauslin is a designer and architect. He pays a lot of attention to the environment and the principles behind it as well as the potentials that a landscape perspective holds for sustainable design. These principles are certainly reflected in Simpledoubledeux bed design.

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