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How To Personalize Rented Spaces

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Living in rented spaces can be both convenient and annoying. You don’t really have to worry about decor (if you live in a furnished abode), but you also can’t remodel it how you like. If you rent a house or apartment you should have an agreement, which says what you can and cannot do in the house. For example, re-painting the walls or remodeling the house, get rid of the furniture, etc. But if you still want a personal touch in your temporary home, there are some things that won’t be troubling neither your landowner nor you.

How To Personalize Rented Spaces

Artwork and Wall Decorations

Wall decorations can add a very personal touch to the home you’re renting, but most of them require nails to hang on the walls so you might want to discuss it with your landowner and make sure it’s okay. Such decorations as vinyl wall art can also make some damage to the paint so those should be used only at consent of your landowner.


On the other hand you can use your own accessories in abundance from framed portraits to curtains you like. Bedspreads, coverlets and bed linens can also be changed to the ones you have or like. When purchasing an accessory or decoration make sure it’s quiet mobile and lightweight, as you don’t want to make your moving process very expensive and long. Opt for smaller lamps and bowls, lightweight statues and light rugs.


Pleasant tableware can also make your rented space more homey. Opt for smaller collections to make it easier to take from place to place and choose simpler tableware made from durable materials. There are plenty of options of stylish, functional and durable tableware on the market.


If you are renting an unfurnished apartment or house then you probably already have some furniture and decorations and know how it all looks like together. But moving into a new rented place can ruin your plans on recreating the decor you are accustomed to. Take it as an opportunity to try something new. Again make sure you can change wall paint or flooring, if not then make it work in the existing color scheme as much as possible. Then if you have to buy some more stuff just keep in mind the new color scheme and try to buy things that will tie your existing furniture and color scheme together to make them work.

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  1. Sam Says:

    Thanks for some great tips for making your rented property feel like home. Apartment interior design can be limited by the space you have. If the property is small you don’t want to cramp it with too many large pieces of furniture. For this reason furniture hire might be a way to decorate your home without committing to furniture that may not suit your next property particularly if you don’t know where you will be in the next year or so.

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