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Parisian Workshop Turned Into Family Apartment

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A Parisian workshop redesigned by an architecture studio Septembre features two bedrooms and an open airy layout dressed in white and accented with stark black elements. The 85 square meter home is also very light and airy thanks to numerous windows and glass partitions that divide space into rooms. The living area is joined with the kitchen in a spacious open layout while there is also a kid’s room and a bedroom divided from the public area.

Modern Workshop Conversion

Kabinett apartment - Living Room

Living Room

The kitchen wall is painted black, which makes it really stand out but on the other hand disguises the fact that it’s a kitchen. The white glossy kitchen island hides the oven from line of sight and only sink gives away that this place is for cooking.

The left wall is used for storage, which is stylishly disguised and displayed at the same time and can be easily accessed with a library-like contrasting black ladder.

At the opposite wall from the kitchen there is a sitting area and a windowsill seat opposite of the storage wall with an adjoining working area. After the glass partition there are private spaces that are still somewhat open to the living area.

Light wooden floors and windowsil storage look great in a white and black color scheme. The furnishings are minimalist and modern and include an iconic Eames lounge chair in black.

The bathroom in the apartment features a small communication window that opens to the kitchen. Tiled and glossy white sufaces contrast with dark frames and light wooden elements like the vanity.

This is a modern family apartment that feels both spacious and intimate. The open kitchen allows members of the family talk to each other whether they are lounging in front of the TV or taking a shower. And to think that this used to be an industrial space.

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