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Decor Objects Made From Edible Materials

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Some designers choose unusual materials to realize their designs and ideas. These may range from marble lamp to wooden rug but there are also designs made from edible materials. These designs weren’t necesserily created to be eaten, but one of them can turn into a snack while others could certainly be eaten if they weren’t a part of the design. Here are some decor objects made from such materials as seaweed, sweets, and chocolate.

Products Made From Edible Materials

Marine Light Lamp by Nir Meiri

Marine Light made from dried seaweed by Nir Meiri

Nir Meiri created a lamp aptly called Marine Light that features a lampshade made out of seaweed. While seaweed was still wet the designer used it to create a lampshade on a frame and once it dried it was specially treated to prevent its destruction.

The result is stunning. Emerald green textured lampshade looks gorgeous in natural light and lights up with gentle green yellow glow when it is switched on.

Lervik Lumière au Chocolat Lamp by Alexander Lervik

Lervik Lumière au Chocolat by Alexander Lervik

This lamp is made from chocolate but it melts once it’s switched on turning into a plate full of chocolate chunks. We are not enirely sure if this chocolate is edible, but we assume it is.

Designed by Alexander Lervik Lumière au Chocolat may not be practical but it sure does reinvent a Valentine’s Day gift.

Sweeeeet Tableware by Jiwon Choi and Alice Jung

Sweeeeet Tableware made from yeot by Jiwon Choi and Alice Jung

Another sweet treat is from Jiwon Choi and Alice Jung who turned a traditional Korean confection called yeot into a collection of “Sweeeeet Tableware”.

Yeot is made of grains that may include rice and corn and sweet potatoes. Commonly shaped as sticks yeot takes form of bowls and small plates in “Sweeeeet Tableware” collection.

Bite Me Lamp by Victor Vetterlein

Bite Me lamp made from vegetable glycerine and agar by Victor Vetterlein

Bite Me is another edible lamp designed by Victor Vetterlein. Made from vegetable glycerine and agar the lamp can be eaten once you’re done working or just want another one of those in a different color.

You’ll have to remove all electrical elements from the lamp and soak it in the water for an hour before you eat though.

If you are more for practicality there is a Decafè Lamp by Raúl Lauri made of coffee grounds, which are not quite edible anyway but are a part of a daily drink.

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