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‘Under the Moonlight’ House by Giovanni D’Ambrosio

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‘Under the Moonlight’ house by Giovanni D’Ambrosio is an amazing abode made of wood, stone, and glass and incorporated into the natural environment it’s located at. The geometric structure made of metal frame completed with glass was created for seasonal stay during summer as well as winter.

‘Under the Moonlight’ House by Giovanni D'Ambrosio

The house consists of two levels, the higher one houses a bedroom and a master bedroom with spa, while the other one includes the rest of the rooms and areas. The living room features a glass slanted front wall that also gives a view of the sky.

Glass walls allow watching the outdoors in any weather and enjoying nature through day and night. The house is surrounded by a stone fence that gives some privacy to the residents.

Inside the house is finished with stone and the ceiling is covered with colorful wood planks. Some of the walls are finished with dark screens that increase privacy in bedroom but also allows to look outside as well as the natural light into the room.

The house was created with cosideration of the location filled with the trees. The color scheme is partly intergrates the house into the location.

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