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Trend In Architecture: Parasitic Buildings

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Yesterday we showed an art installation called Keret House, a parasitic house inserted between two buildings that is powered with electricity using the supply of its hosts.  But beside this artistic exploration the parasitic architecture is kind of a trend.

Parasitic Buildings Trend

Trend In Architecture: Parasitic Buildings

Za Bor Architects designed a concept of a parasitic office squeezed between the two buildings and hovering over ground to provide a pathway for people. Lara Calder Architects came with ‘The Prefab Parasite”, a concept of housing built on the existing buildings that have spare space.

Stefan Eberstadt’s Rucksak House is a concept of a house extension added to the side of the original building. Conceived as an extra room the Rucksak house is a small boxy lightweight construction that is also mobile.

Trend In Architecture: Parasitic Buildings

Parasitic architecture is also seen from the shelter housing perspective. Designer Mike Reyes’ Emergency Homes are prefabricated, modular constructions that are meant to attach to the abandoned buildings and help natural disaster survivors as well as the overpopulation.

The idea of such parasitic structures as the Rucksak House or an Emergency Home is not entirely new as the original buildings often get extended through additional parts added to them. But while extensions are specifically designed for the original building the parasitic structures seem quite alien when it comes to design and additionally cannot provide for themselves in terms of power, water and other amenities.

What do you think about parasitic architecture?

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