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It seems that wooden floors are everywhere these days. Not only do they look wonderful, they are easier to clean than carpet and bring out a real ‘homey’ feel in any house. But there is one major downside to them, they can be cold. Admittedly not as cold as paved floors found in older kitchens and utility rooms, but definitely colder than the carpet that was ripped up once you discovered that beautiful old flooring underneath.


But don’t worry you won’t need to cover up your floor with carpet again, there is one other option available to you – invest in rugs!

This is a surprisingly simple option to solve cold flooring and it can bring warmth in to a room with the colour and patterns on the rug you choose. However when purchasing rugs you have to remember that not all rugs fit in all rooms, it can be a long process to find your perfect rug but it is worth it in the end.

It is an easier task to find a rug if you are staring with a neutral room, simply pick the rug you like and build your colour scheme around it. Unfortunately most of us don’t have that luxury and must find a rug to fit in with a room.

The size of your rug is also important, too big and you’ll be turning it up at the corners, too small and it will be lost in the middle of the room. Obviously it depends upon where you want to rug to sit and how much of the room you want it to fill, but the rule of thumb for dining rooms tends to be that the rug is around 18 inches bigger than the table to allow for the chairs. For most other rooms it is best to opt for rugs which are at least 2 foot shorter than the smallest wall.

Of course in larger rooms it is possible to lay down two separate rugs. These do not have to be the same rug or necessarily match as long as they have similar patterns you will be fine.

With these few simple rules it’s time to get out there and find your own perfect rug.

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I am an interior design and fashion enthusiast with a passion for writing, gathering up interesting/alternative home design ideas. I love lofts, canopy beds, fluffy throws and rugs, but also cats, food, and video games.

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