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Vacation Home: 10 Interesting Beach Houses

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What can be more alluring than a beach retreat where you can enjoy the water, the sun and the amazing views? Here is a list of ten incredible beach houses that do not only provide shelter but also have an interesting modern architecture.

Holiday Beach Home Designs

The modern beach houses feature lots of glass in their exteriors which allows to bring the indoors together with the beautiful surrounding views and create a sheltered space with the outdoor feel.

Universe Beach House

Vacation Home: 10 Interesting Beach Houses

Universe Beach House by Tatiana Bilbao is an interesting structure. From afar it looks like nothing special and far from being luxurious but when a view of a round rootop swimming pool catches the eye it tranforms the look of this beach house entirely.

Surrounded with a wooden terrace this pool is the key element of the structure while the rocky green landscape that surrounds and partially disguises the view of the house looks alluring and simply beautiful.

Beached House

Vacation Home: 10 Interesting Beach Houses

This one was completed in 2009 by BKK Architects. The house has an angled shape which makes for interesting interior. It has a sloping wall at the back which contains an entry while the facade features glass walls that provide views of the green waterfront and a swimming pool completed with a deck.

The house is made of wood and stone units while the interior is finished with wood and sleek white walls. The bathroom window faces the swimming pool creating an illusion of a continuous tub.

K House

Vacation Home: 10 Interesting Beach Houses

K House got its name from being shaped as letter K which in turn is the first letter in owners’ family name. The angled house was designed by Ashton Raggatt McDougall Architects and features a garage, an outdoor living area, a home theater, a cellar and a storage.

The K House features an unusual color scheme for the beach retreat, which is commonly light, as it is painted dark gray with bright red accents in both exterior and interior.

Beach House In California

Vacation Home: 10 Interesting Beach Houses

This beach house in Southern California was designed by Richard Meier and Michael Palladino. A 4,280-square-foot estate is designed all in white and finished with glass walls and big windows that enhance illumintation in the house as well as provide the ultimate views of the ocean.

The house features light wooden finishes but the exterior color continues on the inside as well. There is a glazed wall that faces the ocean and opens to a wooden deck that breaks the continuous green lawn in the courtyard.

Palabritas Beach House

Vacation Home: 10 Interesting Beach Houses

This beach house was designed by Jose Orrego inspired by Brazilian architecture of the 60’s. The modern one-storey building features an additional rectangular structure with rounded corners that holds the swimming pool and provides a frame for the surrounding views.

The white color scheme is complemented with bright red accents that include swimming pool square tile, outdoor seating, living area furniture set and a kitchen feature wall, bar couter and chairs.

Florida Beach House

Vacation Home: 10 Interesting Beach Houses

Florida Beach House by Iredale Pedersen Hook architects is a definite eye-catcher. Thanks to its uneven roof this beach house stands out among other modern dwellings. It features glass walls that invite the views in as well as let the natural light illuminate the open plan home with an eat-in kitchen.

The house is surrounded with elevated terraces that act as continuation to the house floors. It is also surrounded with a fence but the water views can still be seen from inside the house.

Beach House E-3

Vacation Home: 10 Interesting Beach Houses

Beach House E-3 is a creation of Vértice Arquitectos. Built on a difficult sloping site the house includes three levels with the swimming pool and a terrace as well as a bridge that leads toward the house.

It features glass walls that are covered with concrete and wooden panels to increase privacy. There is also an inner courtyard and some greenery surrounding the house.

House D

Vacation Home: 10 Interesting Beach Houses

House D by Panorama and WMR features only 92 square meters but it includes the living room, dinning room, kitchen and bedroom. It is also enhanced with a terrace and features floor to ceiling glass walls that open to the water views.

The house features modern but cozy interior design and is surrounded with greenery which only adds to the stunning water views.

Coolum Bays Beach House

Vacation Home: 10 Interesting Beach Houses

Designed by Aboda Design Group Coolum Bays Beach house features an interesting mix of materials, finishes and shapes. There are different level blocks united together with white walls that make the outer shell of the house.

The house features an extended roof with skylights that hovers over the swimming pool and terrace providing both sun protection and passage for natural light. The amazing green and water views extend below the house making it an amazing summer retreat.

Beach House Cape Cod

Vacation Home: 10 Interesting Beach Houses

Beach House on Cape Cod is surprisingly a sustainable estate designed by ZeroEnergy Design and featuring extensive 6,200-square-foot area that houses seven bedrooms and 8 bathrooms.

The bamboo-finished house is Energy Star Certified as it features zero carbon footprint, a geothermal wall,  and a photovoltaic system that allows producing energy. The angled-shaped house features two smaller and bigger units that together create a traditional house-shaped silhouette.

So what do you think about these beach house designs? Which one did you like the most?

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