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Turn Clutter Into Christmas Ornaments

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Buying new decorations every year might get a little too expensive as well as storing all the decorations old and new might become problematic with time. But it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t want or strive for a new look each year cause you can turn almost any junk into cool Christmas ornaments.

DIY Christmas Ornaments

Beaded Christmas ornaments

Update Christmas ornaments with beads

Beads and wire. Grab old colorful beads you don’t wear and play with wire until you get a shape you like. String the beads onto your wire and voila a new unique ornament is ready. You can also use buttons and other accessories and jewelry as Christmas ornaments.

Old CDs and glue. Old CDs are just clutter now so you can easily use them as your DIY source material. Break them into pieces and glue those onto a foam ball or a blank bauble. Now you have a few disco ball baubles for your truly retro Christmas decor.

Old lightbulbs and paint. You can use old lightbulbs as your baubles as well. Carefully remove the electrical stuff from the glass bulb and use paint to give it a nice color that will suit your decor.

Christmas ornaments from CDs

Christmas ornaments made with CDs

Seashells from travels. Always wanted to do something (other than trashing) with those seashells you brought from travels? If you fear shattering them by poking holes for strings try gluing them onto ribbons instead.

Don’t let your budget restrain you in making the most unique Christmas decor. Use old door knobs, children’s toys, cutlery, china, fabric offcuts, wine cork, plastic cups, puzzles, table game figurines, cans, and other useless stuff you can find around the house to create new exciting Christmas decor.

If all else fails make dried orange Christmas tree ornaments in an oven. Slice an orange or two into even circles and pop them in a oven on a rack at 100-200F for 2 to 3 hours.

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