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Easter Table Decor Ideas

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Easter is in two days and if you are still looking for ideas for holiday table decor here we gathered some great ideas that will help you create holiday table decor. When it comes to Easter decor there are three main things you’ll need to keep in mind: pastel colors, floral/egg centerpieces, and creative napkins/napkin rings. It’s really not that difficult.

Easter Table Decor

Easter Table Decor Ideas

Pastel Colors

Pastel colors are often associated with Easter so it’s a good place to start. Choose your color palette and create your table decor within this palette. You can also opt for a classic white and brighten up the table with dyed eggs and spring flowers.

Great thing about pastels is that they all look great together so you could mix and match the dishes or tablecloth and napkins to create various color schemes for your table.

Floral Centerpiece

A Spring or Easter-themed centerpiece is a must. It will act as a focal point of the table and add to the holiday atmosphere. Choose Easter Flower, Hyacinth, Daffodil or Tulips for your Easter floral centerpiece. You can either place them in a decorative vase or create a more elaborate decoration like an egg nest or a flower basket using the flowers as accents.

Easter Table Decor Ideas

Easter-Themed Napkins

Easter-themed napkins are great accessories for the holiday table decor. These can either be ready-made or you can add Easter theme to the ordinary napkins with some bunny-shaped napkin rings or a folding technique that will help you transform each napkin into an Easter bunny without any additional investment.

There are also many other ways of decorating table for Easter. For instance, tiered pedestal serving plates make for great bases for centerpieces. You can fill them with eggs, flowers, candy and Easter grass. Many choose old tree branches as bases for their Easter centerpieces. A branch is placed into a vase and eggs are hung onto the ‘tree’ with help of colorful ribbons.

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