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Tabletop Water Gardens

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Are you fond of all things little? How about miniature tabletop water gardens? They are a great decoration for any interior, and bring greenness into your living space.  Check out these amazing Do It Yourself tabletop water gardens.

Tabletop water garden

DIY petite water gardens

In order to make your very own water gardens you will need to have a glass bowl, or something to store your little garden in. It doesn’t have to be very original, a simple transparent mug, or medium size bowl will serve its purpose. Then of course, you will need plants that are growing on water, these are taro, water lettuce, water hyacinth, fairy moss and many more.

In order for you plants to be growing, you need a small plastic container with some soil, which is shorter than you glass bowl. It is needed to be a house for all those water plants. It is important to cover the remaining soil with little pebbles, or anything to prevent soil from being dispensed in the water. Make sure that your plastic container is clean, and put it inside the glass bowl, full of water.

Tabletop water garden

Ok, so now you small water garden is almost ready. The idea we are exploring here is very similar to creating an outdoor pond, except that it is quite tiny. When your plants are sort of in the water, and they have accommodated to a new setting, it is time to prepare the exterior of your little water garden. For that you can take whatever, that comes to your mind: rocks, little pieces of plants, beautiful branches or moss. You can go exotic and even put some tiny mosquito fish, to prevent those annoying insects.

Anyway, making your own small water garden is fun and very cheap, but brings much joy and uniqueness to you interior.

Tabletop water garden

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  1. ivianna Says:

    very sweet! I also use plastic picnic bowls (The big ones you get in spring or summer for picnics) and fill with water, marbles, shells, tiny animal life and instant mini pond for patio table or inside too

    ❤ Ivianna

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