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5 Easy Ways To Add Glamour To Any Interior

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There are some materials that simply scream glamour regardless of where you use them. Most of these are widespread in fashion and have already become every fashionista’s home decor must-haves. And it’s no wonder, add any one of these to your interior and it will instantly make it look more expensive and luxe.


Fur throw

Faux fur throws are an easy route to a luxe interior. Cover your office chair or sofa with them. You can also use furry throw pillows or area rugs to make your living room or bedroom more glamorous.


Juju hats

Feathers can look both funny and luxurious. If you pick your decorations right though you’ll be able to create a beautiful glamorous interior without much hassle or even spending.


Metallic accents

Brass and golden accents are a hot trend right now. Every other home blogger spray paints their table and chair legs the beautiful shining metallic gold, yellow or rose. If you want a more luxe look though you should try a gold leaf method for a more textured and rich look.

Realistic Floral Wallpaper

Floral wallpaper

Certain floral wallpaper is just too breathtaking to pass up. You can turn any room into a piece of art with just a few rolls. Sure, wallpaper installation isn’t a quick or a particularly easy process but you won’t regret the results.

Animal Prints

Leopard throw pillows

Finally animal prints work great not only in fashion accessories. Throw pillows, blankets, and even wallpaper and carpets can all be used to make your house much more fashionable and glamorous.

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