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Home Decoration for Wedding

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Wedding celebration should be very beautiful and memorable. Usually  preparation for this event deliver a lot of hassle and worry. But in fact, decorating the house for the wedding is not too difficult and costly. Here are some simple tips to help you decorate your house and get all the fun from the embodied ideas.

How to Decorate House for Wedding

Outdoor decoration for wedding

Outdoor decoration for wedding

There are several things that you need to take into consideration before you start decorating. Start with a plan. Take into account all the details, refer to the space needed for the wedding, consider the theme and color palette for the wedding decor. You also need to decide if the wedding will take place indoors or outdoors. When deciding on the style, make sure that all parts fit this style.

Create several accent locations indoors, such as a fireplace, decorated with flowers and lights, floral arrangements on the tables, the porch and entrance decor. For the rest of the space decorations should be minimized.

If you decided to hold the wedding ceremony outdoors you should pay special attention to the lighting. You can use garden lamps, lanterns or small lights on the trees for a romantic and dreamy feel. As for the decor, you can use fresh flowers for the arch and flowers with plants in the landscape.

Do not forget to order the entire décor. Pay attention to details. A good way to make your wedding unique is to make something unique with your hands. Very simple and ordinary things look beautiful, when used in decoration or table setting.

Home decoration for wedding

Home decoration for wedding

Ordinary balloons will help make your home more cozy and elegant. You can make a luxurious composition using baloons: all kinds of hearts, bouquets, figurines, rings. Do not forget about floral design. For many centuries flowers are used as decoration in weddings. You can put them in a vase and symbolic baskets, decorate your holiday table, and decorate the path with rose petals. The plants should be in harmony with the bride’s bouquet and groom’s boutonniere.

A great way to decorate the room can be a woven drapery. For this hang a beautiful fabric under the ceiling or on the wall. You can use tulle, organza, silk and other airy fabrics. It is advisable to select a drape and a tablecloth in the same style. Decorate the chairs with  beautiful bows of fabrics, and put festive napkins on the table.

Take care about the design of the table: arrange beautiful dishes, candles in luxurious chandeliers, beautiful floral arrangements. Dishes should be in harmony with the tablecloth and cloth napkins.

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