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Ideas for Decorative Vases

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Decorative vases and bowls can add depth to your interior making an eye catch on the interesting details. There are some ways of turning a regular vase into a decorative one. If you have an already embellished or stained glass vase it is all-ready an accessory that can be used in the interior if the colors of the room and vase match or nicely contrast. In case with regular transparent vases there are plenty of designer opportunities before you. We’ve collected some very interesting ideas for making decorative vases and share them with you today.

Ideas for Decorative Vases

Revamping an Old Vase

You can always buy a new decorative vase to use in your interior. But if you have an old vase you can easily revamp it if you are into handmade and DIY stuff. Paint, decorative stones or crystals, decoupage tools, or lace can be helpful for redecorating the vase and turning it from ordinary to decorative.

You can glue the crystals or stones to the vase, just make sure the glue is good and repaint the vase with latex or acrylic paint of the colors that match your interior.If you can knit try making interesting cover for your vase or use bright threads to wrap around it.

Decorating With Filling

Decorating with filling can be even easier. You just take decorative stones, sand, or artificial seashells and fill the transparent vase to make it look more decorative and add color to it. You can also make your own filling from dry fruit, painted leaves and flower petals, cones and little twigs.

How to Use Decorative Vases in Interior

Decorative vases are used everywhere in interior. Bigger vases are used in the corners on the floor or near the side tables and furniture. Smaller vases are used to decorate tables, shelves and cabinets. Decorative vases are often used as accents so think about choosing the colors that will match your room’s color scheme.

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