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Christmas Decorating Styles

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Some decorating ideas for Christmas tree, festive table and your place are so simple that you can create them with your own hands. Candles, cones, fir branches, nuts and other attributes of the winter holidays are great in creating an original atmosphere. But what decorating style to choose this year?

Three Basic Christmas Decorating Styles

The main thing is to keep a certain style in decorating, so that all elements of decor are combined to creat a beautiful scene. Take as a basis already existing styles of Christmas decor.

Traditional Christmas Decor

Traditional Christmas decoration style

Traditional Christmas decoration style

Traditional Christmas decoration is primarily a sense of celebration in every detail of the decor. Classic color scheme of Christmas decoration is a combination of red, green, gold and white as symbols of evergreen Christmas tree, a flame of fire, and snow. Accessories and decorations in these colors will bring home festive mood and atmosphere of kindness, warmth and love.

White Christmas

White Christmas decoration style

White Christmas decoration style 

White Christmas is another style of Christmas decoration. It is a fantastic realm of white snow and silver sparkle. There are soft undertones in this snowy, light and airy atmosphere.

You can never go wrong by choosing white color for holiday decorating. White always looks great in the interior and blends with any style. It is the color of winter naturalness. The best of all is that decoration in white color is simple and practical solution. Most of us have something white at home: white utensils, white Christmas toys, textiles, and white paint to make the white decorations quickly.

Christmas Eco-Décor

Christmas Eco-Décor

Christmas Eco-Décor

Decor in eco-style is very popular, because it presupposes naturalness and comfort that can not be replaced by artificial decor. Such decoration is very simple to perform. All the décor elements you can get for free on the street, in the park, in the garden and just in your backyard. The only purchase you will need to make is a tree. But you can make it on your own, using branches, leaves and fir cones. Christmas eco-decor includes Christmas trees, wreaths and balls, candles of twigs and cones, seashells and starfish, cinnamon and berries, fir and citrus.

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