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Zigzag Print In Interior Design

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Zigzag print is a great print to jazz up your decor with. It can be eye-catchy and colorful and may certainly make a statement in the room. It can also be an accent print in throw pillows or lampshades also going well with other prints. Zigzag print small or big can definitely add a lot of detail to any room.

Zigzag Print In Home Decor

Zigzag Rugs

Zigzag Print In Interior Design

A zigzag rug definitely stands out to the eye especially in the neutral interiors. It’s also a great way of using this print – against neutral or unifrom color scheme with solid walls and furnishings. Zigzag floors in bathrooms and kitchens can be a great enhancing detail in those rooms.

Choose carpets or rugs in zigzag print for the living rooms to liven up the decor or add zigzags as an accent with small area rugs.

Zigzag Walls

Zigzag Print In Interior Design

Zigzag walls can be quite busy but you can opt for a subtler size or color combination of the print for the walls. You can also use just a fragment of wallpaper or tile to create a feature wall. This will make for a great focal point.

In the picture above zigzag is quite bold in size and color but it adds just the right amount of detail to make the kitchen look interesting.

Zigzag Accents

Zigzag Print In Interior Design

Zigzag accents can be bold without being overwhelming. Choose zigzag print in bright colors to add both color and detail to the decor. Also think bed throws, towels, runner rugs and other small accessories in zigzag print to create accents in the room.

Any furniture items can be reupholstered with a zigzag print and make for an accent in the room.

Zigzag Print In Interior Design

Zigzag print goes well with many textures and prints. Experiment by mixing and matching zigzag fabric samples with other prints like snakeskin, polka dot and others. Zigzags can also be thin and in multiple colors, clashing brights or monochromatic neutrals.

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