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Playing with Light Through Stained Glass

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Pictures or windows of stained glass can transform any interior, making it look unique, elegant and unforgettable. Glowing works of art give the old boring decor new shades of sound , and introduce elements of magic and mystery in the newly renovated room.

Stained Glass Pictures in Your Home Interior

Stained glass window is a classic. It was originally a main decoration in Gothic cathedrals. And until now, the window is considered one of the best places to use stained glass, as it looks particularly interesting and impressive being transformed by natural light. Depending on the intensity of the ambient light stained glass windows will also look different, becoming brighter in one case, more shimmering in another. These stained glass windows should be located in the areas where you would normally rest and relax, or in rooms that do not have well-defined functions like hallways, for example.

Stained glass window.

Stained glass windows

Stained glass doors

A stained glass door is able to transform a standard interior door into an elegant work of art that will become the main decoration of the room. These doors can set the tone for the entire room, making it deliberately luxurious or romantically elegant.

Stained glass door

Stained glass door

Stained glass ceilings

Stained glass ceiling will give you a sense of infinite space, creating a realistic illusion of a glass roof over your head, beyond which there is only a cloudless sky or billions of bright twinkling stars. In this case, it is not necessary to have high ceilings. A stained glass ceiling can be installed in a small room, where a stained glass dome would be an ideal option.

Stained glass ceiling

Stained glass ceiling

Stained glass mirrors

There is a variety of types of stained-glass mirrors. Some of them are “framed” by the magnificent stained-glass inserts with any images (patterns, plants or animals). Mirrors with stained glass inserts, framing them on a path, are suitable for almost any decor. Particularly interesting are the mirrors in the hall apartment or a country house, as well as in the bathroom. In addition, these mirrors can decorate the walls and ceilings of living rooms and bedrooms.

Stained glass mirror

Stained glass mirror

Stained glass pictures as true works of art can transform any interior, add bright colors and become a unique decor twist.

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