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10 Wooden Kitchen Designs That Aren’t Boring

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A wooden kitchen might be strongly associated with the traditional design but there are ways to use wood in the kitchen that would break every stereotype. The beauty and charm of wood is that it can be so different and it goes well with every color. Once you’ve decided on your kitchen’s colors scheme you can easily add a wooden detail to it and it most probably will still work.

Modern wooden kitchen

When choosing a wooden kitchen design look further than what is usually offered. While traditional kitchens can be designed to look beautiful, in their original state they are mostly boring. Add mathing floors to that and you get a uniform kitchen that is old fashioned and too matchy-matchy.

Instead look for untreated textured colorful wood. Those made of reclaimed materials can offer you a completely unique design. Modern matte minimalistic designs look great as well and can nicely contrast with the classical accents or accessories like molding, lighting, and hardware.

There is such a thing aa too much of a good thing so don’t overuse wood. If cabinets and the kitchen island are made in wood you should make the rest of the decor in a different material and color. If the wood is understated in both color and texture it may work still but the floors should be differrnt then.

Wooden accents look amazing in neutral kitchens. An island or a table or a backsplash can really make for a nice decoration for the kitchen all the while becoming a center of attention.

Beside the texture wood is easy to transform with the different finishes. But don’t hurry to put some lacquer on your wooden kitchen. Explore some other finishes instead to create a truly modern and unique design.

Wooden Kitchens That Aren’t Boring

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