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7 Bachelor Interiors from Movies

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When it comes to bachelor housing, we immediately imagine а living room for parties with a bar and hundreds of bottles of beer. But bachelors’ apartments vary widely, like their owners.

7 Bachelor Appartment Interiors of Movie Characters

This article presents 7 different homes of single men featured in moves.

About a boy

The London apartment of the main character is clearly designed for only one person. A coffee machine, a stereo system, a shelving with an impressive record collection, and a sofa, they all talk about frivolous lifestyle of the owner. As he said, his apartment became the sun-drenched tropical magnet for young Swedish tourist girls.

Home interior in "About a boy"

Home interior in “About a boy”

500 days of summer

The most remarkable detail in the interior of the main character’s room is a wall in the headboard. He turned it into a kind of a moodboard, where he draws and writes innermost thoughts.

Home interior in "500 days of summer"

Home interior in “500 days of summer”

Crazy, Stupid Love

Playboy and dandy Ryan Gosling lives in a glass house, which is filled with things, ordered on TV shop. The interior design can be called restrained: laconic furniture, white walls and no hint of the presence of a woman at home.

Home interior in "Crazy, Stupid Love"

Home interior in “Crazy, Stupid Love”

Fight Club

Interior design in this film can be easily characterized by the quote of the main character: “Like everyone else, I had become a slave to the IKEA nesting instinct. If I saw something like clever coffee table sin the shape of a yin and yang, I had to have it.” His first compact apartment was filled with Swedish furniture and housewares, which binds and holds him in the ordinary life of an ordinary manager. Further he lives in an abandoned spacious apartment with no order, but freedom and an imaginary new life.

Home interior in "Fight Club"

Interior in Jack’s first apartment in “Fight Club”

Home interior in "Fight Club"

Interior in Jack’s second apartment in “Fight Club”

American Psycho

This design of a bachelor apartment is monochrome and colorless not only in direct meaning, but also in regard to emotions. There are no superfluous details. Leather seats and a strict bathroom speak about pedantry and rigor of the main character. The whole interior design looks expensive, but unfriendly, like the resident of the apartment.

Monochrome home interior in "American Psycho"

Monochrome home interior design in “American Psycho”

Gossip Girl

The young millionaire owns a penthouse in New York’s Empire Hotel. Brick walls of these apartments have absorbed the smell of Cuban cigars and eighteen-year-old whiskey. It is a real masculine interior design with a billiard table and a scooter in the hallway.

Interior design in the young millionaire's appartment in "Gossip Girl"

Interior design in the young millionaire’s appartment in “Gossip Girl”

A single man

The house is not a decoration. It is made of mahogany, glass and concrete. It was built in 1949 by the eminent American architect John Lautner, whose work has previously served as the scene of Hollywood films. There is a perfect order, the stack of neatly folded starched shirts. And this interior design is very natural for Colin Firth himself and his character.

A home interior in "A single man"

Home interior in “A single man”

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