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Beautiful Vintage Home of Interior Designer

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Marie Olsson Nylander is a Swedish interior designer and today we want to show you the interior of her incredibly beautiful vintage home in Arild, Sweden. This interior was, of course, designed by Nylander herself and it’s simply beautiful. Vintage things are everywhere yet the modern gadgets fit perfectly and add to the interior view. The color scheme of interior is white in every room so there is a lot going on in furniture, accessories, and decorations.
Beautiful Vintage Home of Interior Designer

Mix of Old & New

In this beautiful vintage interior you can see vintage mixed up with modern gadgets like a computer, modern-style furniture in transparent molded plastic and modern lighting while the vintage tables, armchairs, and cabinets add in an incredible charm to the interior.

Play of Textures

Textures get mixed up as well. Old leather goes well with raw wood adding vintage feel to the place while glossy laminate floors give a nice contrast by adding a newish feel to the whole interior. And it goes throughout the design shabby gets mixed up with glossy and polished.


There is a lot of color in the interior despite the white color scheme. Paintings, throw pillows, furniture all feature bold hues and prints nicely contrasting with the white background. This is a great example of how you can play with the color in a white color scheme.

I like this interior. It’s warm, beautiful, detailed. There are so many great things that make your eyes glued to the pictures. You can also pick up some great design solutions and ideas from this interior design. It is also a great work of Marie Olsson Nylander as a designer.

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4 Responses to “Beautiful Vintage Home of Interior Designer”
  1. Lauren Faye Says:

    What a great combination of shabby chic and sheer luxury in this room! When combined with complimenting luxury home accessories – it’s perfection!

  2. BK Says:

    Love the ‘bright and white’ combination and luxurious material choise! Very inspirational!

  3. Elc Says:

    A real work of art and keeps the eye mesmerised by the way all the different ellements of colour line and space work beautifully together on the white backdrop of the walls and floor that act like a blank canvas.

    But I have to know …please can someone tell me (in the dinning area) how does that work so well? The old antique table with curved lines organic and round against the plastic chairs with straight legs..Is it the glossy surfaces they have in common ?

  4. Light solidad Says:

    love the rusty-looking stair! It is so elegant!

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