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5 Stunning Accessories for Balcony

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Balcony is most often used for storage but you can find more practical applications for it. Balcony is a great place for rest, you only need to decorate it properly and for that you will need just a few simple yet stunning accessories.

5 Stunning Accessories Useful for Balcony

Polypropylene flowerpots with internal drainage system

Polypropylene flowerpots with internal drainage system

Polypropylene flowerpots with internal drainage system

Rail is an incredibly convenient and useful invention that’s not only safe but can also hold many flowerpots like those in the picture above. Vases with two detachable stands and internal drainage system are made of high-quality polypropylene.

Cross functional wall

Wall is the most convenient option to organize all kinds of shelves. However, sometimes it is not feasible. To resolve this issue designers came up with a cross functional wall for the balcony. It is easy to install the desired number of shelves. It could be flower stands, and a small table, and even a seat. The author of the project is Christian Lessing.


balKonzept is a perfect table for small balconies, which can be easily attached to the rail. There is enough space not only for breakfast or a romantic dinner, but also for planting flowers.

Grill for the balcony

There is no problem with cooking barbecue in a country house: there is always a place for it. And it is often difficult to do that in an apartment. A portable grill that is attached to the railing or wall will help to solve this problem.

Folding table

Folding furniture is perfect for small spaces. A folding table can be attached to the rail. You can make a little picnic right on the balcony, and then fold it so that it will not be seen. There is an option of folding table that can be installed both inside and outside the balcony.

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