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Melting Lamps from Cappellini

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Young designer from Sweden Johan Lindstén has presented his fixtures called Meltdown Lamps at the Cappellini Milan showroom.

Meltdown Lamps Highlighting Environmental Issues

Meltdown Lamps designed by Johan Lindstén for Cappellini

Meltdown Lamps designed by Johan Lindstén for Cappellini

The hand-blown lamp of weaving spherical shape is made of the finest stained glass. And it is not just a simple fixture. It has a social implication and touches a hot topic of global warming. Swedish designer based the idea of ​​creating a Meltdown lamp on a desire to emphasize the weightlessness of life on the planet after the disaster in Fukushima. The disaster is reflected in the lamps where this process has already begun. And the lamp is about to melt the last layer of glass.

I wanted to get these glass lamps like they were beginning to melt,” the designer says.

Johan Lindstén sees the lamps as grapes, especially if you hang three pieces together. Meltdown Lamps are available in different colors: gray, pink, tobacco, light blue, amethyst, and amber. These massive modern lamps will adorn any interior, they are very bright and showy. They would more likely suit the modern interior and perform a more decorative function. The lack of lighting can be supplied by using neutral spotlights as many designers choose to do. It helps not to overload the interior and at the same time provide the necessary level of illumination.

Large ceiling chandeliers can be successfully combined with these miniature lights and lamps. The main thing is that they blend in form and style. The lamps would best suit the living room or another spacious room. Furthermore, they can be perfectly combined with other bright accessories, it all depends on prefferred interior style.

Meltdown Lamps were exhibited at the Cappellini Milan showroom on Christmas evening for customers and employees. They went for sale at the beginning of this year.

Products from Johan Lindsten are characterized by a combination of simplicity and emotional interpretations, which are expressed in beautiful forms. The purpose of the designer’s creativity is to influence the minds of people and make the environment more beautiful and joyful.

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