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5 Creative Clock Designs

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Creative accessories and decorations are fun and easy way to jazz up any home decor. Wall or desk clock can add an eye-drawing element to the decor. When choosing creative decorations though be sure they nicely match or contrast your room’s color scheme and the decor style. Stylish clock designs with simple texture and shape is great for complex patterns in wall coverings. Simple colors and texture of the walls however can withstand complex details in the clock design.

Diamantini & Domeniconi Clock

5 Creative Clock Designs

This black metallic wire clock is a great accessory for a table or desk. It has an interesting body and complex texture though the black color makes it easier to fit within many color schemes.

Race Clock by Ignacio Pilotto

5 Creative Clock Designs

The Race Clock by Ignacio Pilotto was inspired by the child’s tale “The Tortoise and the Hare”. The hour hand of the clock spells race while the minute hand is shaped as tortoise and the second hand, the fastest of them all is shaped as hare. All of it together makes the tale come to life.

Around The Clock by Peleg Design

5 Creative Clock Designs

This cylinder desk clock justifies its name since its hands turn around the clock’s body. Made of aluminum the clock comes in black and white colors.

Dish Time Clock by Lau Design

5 Creative Clock Designs

Dish Time Clock by Lau Design mimics a dinner plate and cutlery as the clock‘s hands. If put on table it can easily pass as a regular plate ready to be used to its purposes.

Time Flies by Igor Vig

5 Creative Clock Designs

This modern sleek clock design has an eye catching element – hands. They are made as if they are spinning very fast around the clock reminding of how fleeting time is.

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