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Aldo Bakker’s Aesthetic Design

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Aldo Bakker is a Holland designer who makes timeless and functional furniture and tableware relying on mastery and aesthetic rather than relying on the form resulting or not from the concept. Aldo Bakker values time and is fascinated by the notion of ‘eternity’. It reflects in his designs.

Aldo Bakker's Aesthetic Design

My objects should be able to create a space around themselves, to define their context on their own. I question their meaning and, hence, their use. In the ideal case an object acquires a status that legitimises itself, independently of the surroundings.

Also Aldo Bakker’s aesthetic design is inspired by the ‘eternity’ so in order the use of expensive materials as Urushi varnish and a lot of work is understandable and unusual in times of consumerism and mass production. The forms and shapes he creates are fantastic and unconventional. There are familiar pieces but mostly Aldo Bakker’s designs are intricate and interesting.

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