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Space Enhancing Interior Accessories for Small Apartments

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Space is vital in the small apartment. So in addition to designing wisely try some space enhancing interior accessories for small apartments. Space enhancing and space-saving interior accessories and furniture give a spacious atmosphere to your home.

Interior Accessories for Small Apartments


Mirrors reflect not only what’s around but also light making your home look brighter and bigger. Put a big mirror near the window so that the part of outdoors as well as your interior will reflect in it creating an illusion of extra space. Glass surfaces also help make your room or home look more spacious.

Multi-Purpose Furniture

Buy scale or multi-purpose furniture that looks sleek and simple. It will make the room look uncluttered and the furniture with storage properties will help you keep things organized and stored properly. The simpler the design is the better as overstuffed furniture and heavy and flamboyant detailing can visually reduce the small apartment.


Use dividers such as shields or sleek cabinets to divide and demarcate the space and even create additional rooms and areas. Depending on your design and needs use glass, wooden or fabric dividers.

Hanging Lights

Get rid of standing lamps they occupy much space. Instead use hanging lights. You can even try track lights, which are usually used in kitchen as they are bright and can be very stylish too.

Space Enhancing Paintings

The one like you see on the picture above can visually take you away from your room as well as create a visual illusion of additional space. Amazing!

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