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Mizukagami Water Mirrors

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Mizukagami Water Mirrors are the beautiful creations by the agency Rikako Nagashim and acrylic designer Hideto Hyoudou. These mirrors are not only beautiful functional accessories that you can enhance your living spaces with. Mirrors and water share a great common property, they both can reflect the surroundings but the liquid can also take various shapes. Combining these two qualities Rikako Nagashim and Hideto Hyoudou have created beautiful water-like mirrors that can add a lot to any interior design.

Mizukagami Water Mirrors

Using mirrors in interior design considerably enhance your home decor. They add to aesthetic side of it as well as reflect the surroundings making your living space look bigger than it really is. Creative mirrors can be great for wall decor even if you don’t need to enhance your home space.

Mirrors can look neutral and yet add a subtle stylish touch to the home decor while bold framing should fit within the interior design. Mizukagami Water Mirrors looks really unusual and beautiful. Shaped after water puddles some of which are stream down from the walls or table.

These are absolutely decorative and unusual accessories that look both jazzy yet natural due to water‘s structure and forms:

“The pieces were photographed in black and white, which complements the neutral tone of the mirrors. Despite the fact that the Mizukagami Water Mirror pieces are bold in design, when paired with the right decor they are not as loud or overpowering as you might think.”

Mizukagami Water Mirrors are not only for walls as seen from the photos. They can be used in floor and table design.

Mizukagami Water Mirrors

Mizukagami Water Mirrors

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