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Creative Alternative Window Treatments

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Alternative window treatments can add an unexpected twist to any decor. In the post about Spring Home Decorating Ideas we talked hankie valance as Spring window treatment so today we decided to elaborate on creative alternative window treatments.

Window Treatment Alternatives

Creative Alternative Window Treatments

Frosted Glass

Frosted glass is often used in bathrooms to increase privacy in a glass shower enclosure but it can also be used in a modern living room if your windows face the road or a street and you don’t want any hassle that comes with tapestry. The lower part of the window can be frosted while the upper part clear to allow the natural light into the house.


Burlap is another great alternative to conventional window treatments. It can add rustic charm to the kitchen or dining room and be used as valance or full-sized curtains. If you use burlap fabric you’ll need a rod and curtain rings as well as hemmed burlap to create these curtains but if you only use burlap sacks then you can go without curtain rins and sew the sacks right onto the rod or use ribbons to fix them onto it.

Creative Alternative Window Treatments

Beaded Curtain

Beaded curtains are often used instead of the room doors and as dividers but they can also look beautiful on windows although providing less privacy than regular curtains. You can do them yourself using string and beads. But uif you don’t want to do these yourself there are some great options available on Etsy.

There are more ways to enhance and reinvent old curtains into something more interesting. For instance, you can add valance to your already existing curtains or upgrade the hardware for a fresh look. Be sure to check with us for more ideas.

Creative Alternative Window Treatments

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  1. Pamela Sandall Says:

    Table clothes are also a great choice for affordable drapery. They come extra wide without seams…very cost efficient!

  2. Denise Says:

    I was interested in purchasing your beaded curtain valances…are they for sale?

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