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Ooshy Ceramic Sculpture by Diploo

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Like a little magic to your home decor? Well, the ceramic sculpture called Ooshy created by Polish design studio Diploo might add some to it. The analogy of pulling out a rabbit out of a cylinder has certainly inspired this cute ceramic sculpture that will suit any interior design, be it modern or classic and traditional.

Ooshy Ceramic Sculpture by Diploo

The Ooshy sculpture is made of white glazed ceramic with the black base. It can also be used as a headphone holder or have some other functions. It’s all up to your imagination. The sculpture dimensions are 33cm x 25cm x 22cm. Diploo specialize in animal-shaped sculptures depicting deers, spiders, and bears in various shades and patterns.

Sculptures are great in not only adding a special to your home decor, they also fill in the empty spaces like shelves and tables. You can also express your personal style and taste by choosing the sculptures according to your own tastes and preferences.

If you are into ceramic art you can create little or big sculptures for your home yourself. All you need is an idea and a color scheme. However accessories like sculptures should also echo with your interior design. It should nicely contrast or match your style and color scheme.

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