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3D Printed GEMO Vases

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Mehran Gharleghi and Amin Sadeghy from Studio Integrate design studio seek for financial support from like-minded people to run the show of 3D printed vase Army in London. 3D vases are made of stainless steel, ceramics, resins and nylon with the use of advanced technology.

3D Printed GEMO Vases from Studio Integrate

GEMO vases from Studio Integrate

GEMO vases from Studio Integrate

The designers have created an army of more than 500 specialized 3D printed vases and called them GEMO. They we inspired by the Middle Eastern art combined with advanced digital modeling and the subsequent production technologies. GEMO uses potentials of 3D-printing technology to create non-repeating series of objects which are not possible or at least difficult to produce using traditional manufacturing methods. The shape of each vase is generated by one of the pillars of Islamic art and is made of two symmetrical octagons, which merge with one another using a specific algorithm.

The algorithm uses repetition, rotation and transformation symmetry of the final product into its original form. This method is often used in the creation of traditional Islamic paintings and works of art. The word “algorithm” comes from the name of al-Khwarizmi (c. 780-850), a Persian mathematician, astronomer, geographer and scientist. Digital tools have been used to create over 500 unique options that can only be realized with the help of 3D-printer. When using this method, GEMO preserved their cultural roots.

Each GEMO vase is unique, but partially resembles all the vases in the collection. In relation to them it is called “Genetically modified» (GEMO). About 10% of the specimens created by this algorithm are mutants and have a center of gravity, whereby they can not be held in a vertical position. Thus, in order to increase awareness of the opportunities of 3D-printing, Mehran and Amin appeal to visitors of Kickstarter to raise funds for the exhibition in London, where they are going to show his army of over 500 unique 3D printed vases. Each of the sponsors can become the owner of one of the vases, which will be named after him and sent him after the exhibition.

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