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House with Stylish Basement in London

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Designers Paolo Moschino and Philip Vergeylen have a longstanding relationship with a house near Holland Park in London. Fifteen years ago, they designed the interior for a couple with four children in classic style, with beige walls, light wood, antiques and Persian carpets. It is the traditional style of the Nicholas Haslam Design studio, where Paolo Moschino serves as a director. Now the children have grown and become addicted to fashionable parties and independent living. And the wise parents decided to let them live separately, but in the same house.

House in London with Basement for Youth

House with Basement in London by Nicholas Haslam Design

House with Basement in London decorated by Nicholas Haslam Design

In most cases there is only one way to increase the area of the historic buildings of London: to enlarge a basement. It is because the local authorities do not allow to change the appearance of historical buildings. However, Paolo Moschino and Philip Vergeylen did not want to send the younger generation to the bunker with windows near the ceiling.

Habitable area was sacrificed in favor of lighting and overall quality of life. The designers made a light “well” with glass walls in the middle of the basement. In the center of the basement there is a small glassed garden; glass walls act as windows, scattering light around the room. This project occupied a fair share of the basement, which could be used as a dwelling. But it has helped to create a space, which is really nice to be in.

The walls of the “well” are made ​​of black metal and glass. The other walls in the main basement room – living room – look almost identical. But in their case the glass is frosted and highlighted by LEDs, which can change color, if necessary ( a good solution for parties). They hide wardrobes, as well as a DJ mixer. The living room for the young generation serves as a home club. It is not surprising that Vergeylen used industrial elements, traditional for clubs, in its design: floor of polished concrete, factory -style lamps and a bar from a single piece of metal.

When the basement was finished, the happy parents noticed that their own part of the house now looks out-of-fashion and asked the designers to “rejuvenate” it without structural changes.

Neutral colors were replaced by contrast ones. Cold, light wood was repainted in black. Beige wall at the entrance has become mirrored. And a black cast iron door appeared in the greenhouse.

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