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Paul Smith for Stelton Tableware

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Paul Smith has put his touch to Stelton Tableware collection to celebrate Stelton’s 50th anniversary.
The iconic Cylinda-Line originally designed by Arne Jacobsen is made stainless steel and has pops of colorful parts such as handles and plate bottoms. The collection consists of many different items from coffee and tea pots to jars and plates.

Paul Smith for Stelton Tableware

Combining minimalist design and stylish accents such as bright-colored handles and inscriptions. Paul Smith has many interesting interior accessories and furniture collections beside the Stelton tableware, which include cushions, sofas, and armchairs.

Stelton Tableware by Paul Smith is very modern so it will fit in your modern or high-tech decor easily. It can also jazz up your contemporary living room or kitchen due to its pops of bright color, be sure to choose the color that matches something in your room decor.

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