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Pac-Man Inspired Designs

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Pac-Man is loved by many even more than thirty years after its emergence. Besides the gross amount of Pac-Man merchandise there are plenty of home decorations inspired by the game’s main hero. There are chairs, shelves, bottle openers and many other designs that are you can add to your decor to express your interests and give your home a retro feel.

Designs Shaped As Pac-Man

Puckman Bookcase by Mirko Ginepro

Pac-Man Inspired Designs

The Puckman bookcase design by Mirko Ginepro is a great tribute to the game as well as a wall clever organizer that will help you keep books and DVDs separately in small open boxy shelves. Made of wood the shelf has a varnish finish and though is painted classic yellow can also be requested in black and white.

The limited edition bookcase has 1,80cm in height, 1,65 cm in width and 50cm in depth. It’s a perfect feature wall accessory. Made of plastic, iron, and chrome

Poufman by Qayot

Pac-Man Inspired Designs

Poufman by Qayot is a seat inspired by Pac-Man. Made of wood particles and polyurethane seat the pouf comes with an additional square detachable seat that fits into Pac-Man’s mouth.

The seats come in red, black, white, and turledove colors in a variety of combinations.

Then there are Pac-Man design concepts that are yet to find a manufacturer but still are pretty cool.

Pacman Silicone Hothead

Pac-Man Inspired Designs

This Pac-Man oven mitt can be found in a variety of stores and can help in baking batches of cookies without burns.

PacMan Design Concepts

Pac-Man Inspired Designs

PacMan Bowl is a design concept by Chris Locke which sees the Pac-Man on tiny round legs. Then there are these two cool chairs designed by Jose Jorge Hinojosa Primo and Bruno Marques respectively using Pac-Man as inspiration.

Pac-Man Inspired Designs

PacM chair by Jose Jorge Hinojosa Primo

Pac-Man Inspired Designs

Pac-Man Chair by Bruno Marques

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  1. Bonnie Bainbridge Says:

    I am interested in purchasing the PAC man bowls. Do you know how I can purchase them? Thank you.

  2. Arty Says:

    Hey, Bonnie, PacMan Bowl is a design concept.

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